Video on Demand is Changing the Way We Watch TV, and That’s Good for Everybody (Lost Remote)

Sometimes, playing catch up isn’t a bad thing.

Video on demand (VOD), a long-time content consumption afterthought, is now promoted by TV networks, embraced by advertisers, a focus for cable service providers, and used… [Read more on Lost Remote]


Simpsons World Launches October 21st: Every Single Episode in One Intuitive App (IGN)

Simpsons World main menu on iPad

Simpsons World main menu on iPad

It’s been almost a year since FX acquired the syndication rights to all of The Simpsons, marking the biggest off-network deal in television history. Back in August, the network celebrated the animated show’s cable debut with a 12-day marathon on FXX, airing all 552 episodes in a row. Since then, FXX has… [Read more on IGN]

La TV grimpe grâce au … web (Méta-Media)

Contrairement à d’autres médias traditionnels, la télévision est un secteur en pleine croissance. Le hic, c’est que les fruits de cette croissance ne profiteront pas à tous. Et pas forcément aux acteurs historiques.  

  • Selon l’IDATE, le marché mondial de la télévision est

[Lire la suite sur Méta-Media]

Adobe and Nielsen team up to deliver ratings for online TV & digital content (VentureBeat)

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Adobe and media tracking company Nielsen are teaming up to add a new set of audience ratings for online videos and other digital content, the companies announced today.

Nielsen is probably best recognized for TV show… [Read more on VentureBeat]

HBO and Time Warner Take On Netflix, But Is It a Mistake? (The Motley Fool)

digital_entertainment_marketing_time warner cable

It’s finally happening: Time Warner (NYSE: TWX  ) plans to offer an over-the-top version of its premium network, HBO. Though details remain scarce, HBO’s chief executive, Richard Plepler, announced that an Internet-based HBO service, free from the bonds of… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Les secrets de Reed Hastings, l’incroyable patron de Netflix (Challenges)

Reed Hastings, PDG de Netflix. Réa

Génie des algorithmes, le fondateur du géant américain de la vidéo en ligne, récemment arrivé en France, est un subtil mélange d’intuition et d’analyse méthodique. Son credo : rester imprévisible.

Ce n’est pas l’histoire d’un mec… Pas l’histoire convenue, en tout cas, d’un fils adoptif mal… [Lire la suite sur Challenges]

Video on demand is ramping up marketing (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Chris Evans, right, leads a band of have-nots in the dystopian thriller, “Snowpiercer” available on video on demand.

Video on demand, once the poor stepchild of film distribution, is beginning to gain respect.

Besides giving smaller budget movies the chance to reach a wider audience, VOD is surfing atop the wave of younger viewers who prefer to watch on a smaller screen.

“Getting people into a theater is hard and expensive. Getting people to hit a button on their remote is a lot easier,” said Pittsburgh native Mark Cuban, whose media… [Read more on Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]