Facebook comes after Twitter with a Shazam-like feature for tagging TV & music (VentureBeat)

Above: Facebook’s new song identification feature. Image Credit: Facebook

Being able to use a fast Internet connection and a smartphone’s microphone to identify songs and television shows has turned Shazam into a tool many people use on a daily basis.

Well, Facebook noticed Shazam’s success. And today, the… [Read more on VentureBeat]

Sennheiser goes social for new ad campaign (EssentialRetail)

(Photography by Quin Bisset)

Headphones and microphone manufacturer Sennheiser is working alongside digital music service Spotify to roll out a new digitally-focused and partly user-generated marketing campaign.

In what Sennheiser has described as its “biggest ever consumer campaign”, the company will utilise all of its social media channels to engage potential customers, as well as link up with individual dealer and… [Read more on EssentialRetail]

La publicité vidéo fait son apparition dans la version française de Facebook (Le Figaro)

Des publicités d’une durée maximale de 15 secondes seront lues automatiquement lorsque l’utilisateur consultera sa page d’accueil. Facebook promet un ciblage précis grâce à sa fine connaissance de son public.

Les spots de pub arrivent sur Facebook. Testés en fin d’année dernière aux États-Unis, avant un lancement de… [Lire la suite sur Le Figaro]

Ciblage des conversations TV sur Twitter: Le mode d’emploi pour ne pas en rater une miette! (Tigerlily)

Le ciblage des conversations TV, qui avait été implanté aux Etats-Unis et en Grande-Bretagne en novembre 2013, est à présent disponible en France!

L’outil permet de cibler directement les personnes ayant déjà pris part dans des conversations autour de certains programmes télévisés, retraçant ces conversations jusqu’à 30 jours avant le début de la campagne.

Pourquoi entreprendre une campagne télévisée sociale sur Twitter?

Twitter est le leader incontesté du domaine de la télévision sociale, rassemblant un total de 95% des… [Lire la suite sur Tigerlily]

Why Hollywood Needs to Learn to Love Tumblr (Wired)

Internet giants like Facebook and Twitter want a slice of all that money spent on television ads. As more and more people watch their televisions while also browsing social networks and other internet services on smartphones and tablet computers, Facebook and Twitter are battling it out for at least a portion of the big-time TV-ad budgets wielded by the world’s biggest brands. If these brands are buying ads on your TV screen, the thinking goes, shouldn’t they be buying ads on your tablet too?

But it’s not just the internet giants who see an opportunity here. Today, on stage at WIRED’s BizCon conference in New York City, David Karp, founder of the microblogging site Tumblr, explained that his site offers a “second screen” experience for advertisers that’s superior to what they get from the likes of Facebook and Twitter. And he had the numbers to prove it.

According to Karp, while… [Read more on Wired]

Moju Is Instagram For Moments In Motion (TechCrunch)

As our phones become more camera than phone, it only makes sense that innovators would try to take on the very 20th-century concept of the “photograph.”

We’ve thus far seen a slew of apps using tech unique to our mobile devices, utilizing video and sound recording, sensors, GPS and the phone’s accelerometer to transform how users create and share images.

Apps like Seene, Mindie, Frontback, Vine and even Instagram itself now compete to be your mobile go-to for what my… [Read more on TechCrunch]

Our Smartphones Are Making Live TV Better Than Ever (Wired)

As the smartphone becomes the first screen, it’s bringing us closer together.

The history of the Internet is one of lonely ­people trying to find one another. Consider: Compu­Serve, AOL, MySpace, ­Google, Facebook, Twitter, Whats­App. Ultimately, they’re all about communicating with others. We look into a glowing screen and see something human. But the best of these services let something human look back at us. And when technology just melts away, it almost feels like we’re not alone.

The Internet has gotten better and better at letting us talk to one another. I can pick up my phone, start a conversation with a friend in Europe and another in Asia, and watch as they both type replies. It’s as if I’m seeing their thoughts form. I can… [Read more on Wired] 

E! Harvests Instagram for Celeb-Photo Tracker on TV, Online (Variety)

NBCUniversal pop-culture network E! is grabbing photos and videos celebrities post to Facebook’s Instagram, with a feature for its website and on-air news show ranking the top 200 stars in real time.

The cabler’s Instagram Photo Wall launched first on E! Online and will debut May 9 on E! News, with hosts using an 82-inch touchscreen monitor to scroll through the most-popular and trending celeb pics.

“As we continue to build on E!’s digital and social offerings, there is no better platform to work with than Instagram to expand on our pop-culture-driven content in a highly innovative way,” John Najarian, E!’s EVP and g.m. of digital, said in a statement.

No money is changing hands: E! and Facebook do not have a… [Read more on Variety]

Netflix Not Picking Up ‘Community’ Despite Social Media Campaign (Variety)

Though Netflix is being inundated with fans requesting the streaming service pick up the recently canceled “Community,” a rep for the company disclosed Sunday that a pickup is not a possibility.

NBC canceled the Dan Harmon-produced show after five seasons, falling short of its fans’ quest for #SixSeasonsAndaMovie, as its fans took to declaring on social media. But since then, many have turned to Netflix to get another season in, particularly on Reddit.

One Reddit user on the /r/community board posted a rallying call for “Community” fans to use Netflix’s customer service live chat to urge the streaming service to pick up the show for a sixth season. Since then,… [Read more on Variety]

Whyd, le nouveau réseau social musical (Le Vif)

Whyd © Camille Betinyani

Surnommé le Pinterest de la musique, Whyd est une plateforme de partage de musiques venant de sites comme Deezer, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc. Nos morceaux préférés peuvent enfin être réunis sur un seul compte, un seul réseau social.

Toute jeune start-up, Whyd est une plateforme de partage musical lancée en janvier dernier. Elle permet de rassembler tous nos morceaux préférés et nos coups de coeur musicaux en un seul et même endroit. Le défaut des sites comme Deezer, SoundCloud et YouTube est que toutes les chansons ne sont généralement pas disponibles sur un même site. Grâce à Whyd,… [Lire la suite sur Le Vif]

Pandora tests promo stations from likes of Kleenex, Taco Bell (C|Net)

digital entertainment marketing pandora music genome project

Further building its ad tools, the online radio service adds stations crafted by major brands to “Stations You Might Like.”

Pandora is testing promoted stations with music and ads picked by brands like Kleenex and Taco Bell, which will show up in some listeners’ lists of “Stations You Might Like,” the company said Wednesday.

Since launching as online radio more than a decade ago, Pandora has grown to become the most frequented music service on the Internet, currently at 76 million monthly active users. Getting comfortable in that perch, Pandora has lately been investing heavily in its advertising capabilities. The company aims to… [Read more on C|Net]

Facebook’s New APIs Let Media Outlets Visualize Trending Topics And Hashtags (TechCrunch)

TV news and other media sources now have a way to show off what’s popular on Facebook and with whom. Today Facebook launched the Trending, Topic Insights, Topic Feed, and Hashtag Counter APIs. It’s part of Facebook’s Public Content Solutions division which continues the company’s quest to tempt the media away from its competitor Twitter.

Here’s how the new APIs work:… [Read more on TechCrunch]