Facebook video isn’t killing off YouTube — yet (Digiday)

YouTube has for years reigned as the premier digital video platform for both Web users and brands. But Facebook has emerged as, if not an immediate threat to YouTube’s digital video advertising business, a video ads platform poised to… [Read more on Digiday]

Social media driving Millennial TV viewing (Advanced Television)

A recent Omnibus survey gives insight into how Millennials aged 18-29 experience and find TV shows a full 76 per cent of Millennials report they discover new shows to watch from friends, family and social media, and 73 per cent still watch on a traditional TV set. In addition to watching on a traditional TV, 74 per cent also watch… [Read more on Advanced Television]

Three quarters of millenials discover TV from friends, social media (Digital TV Europe)

Some 76% of 18 to 29 year-olds discover new TV shows from friends, family and social media, according to research by interactive social TV service Relay TV.

This compares to 48% of respondents who reported discovering new shows… [Read more on Digital TV Europe]

Netflix now lets you privately share movie/TV recommendations with Facebook friends (VentureBeat)

Above: Netflix's newest feature lets you share movie recommendations with Facebook friends. Image Credit: Netflix

Above: Netflix’s newest feature lets you share movie recommendations with Facebook friends.
Image Credit: Netflix

Allowing my friends to see everything I’ve recently viewed on Netflix might prove embarrassing, (as sadly most people would just never appreciate the number of cartoons I watch). And until now, that was pretty much the only integration offered between Netflix and Facebook.

Today, however, Netflix pushed out a new integration for Facebook aimed at making it easier for you to… [Read more on VentureBeat]

Facebook wants to let mobile users run keyword searches on friends’ profiles (VentureBeat)

Image Credit: Facebook

Image Credit: Facebook

Facebook has finally realized that you might want to use your mobile device to dig back into content your friends have posted in the past. And it’s working on it.

The social network has rolled out a search feature to some of its… [Read more on VentureBeat]

[ITW] L’équipe de Facebook France : ” La première plateforme sociale des programmes télés ” (e-Marketing)

Cédric Atlan (senior strategist, directeur du Creative shop), Adam Marki (responsable des relations agences), Franck da Silva (directeur commercial), Xavier Leclerc (manager client partner), et Benjamin Lequertier (responsable marketing).

Alors que Twitter a fait du second écran un axe majeur de sa proposition de valeur, Facebook mise sur des partenariats éditoriaux plus que commerciaux. L’équipe de Facebook France…

[Lire la suite sur e-Marketing.fr]