First Android TVs Launch. Spotify Connect And OnLive Gaming Already On Board (Forbes)

The Philips Android TV interface follows the design of Philips’ previous Smart TV interface.

It’s been a long wait, but the first TVs equipped with an Android-based smart TV system have finally arrived. They were officially unveiled at the IFA technology show in Berlin – and I was there to have a play with them. So what can you expect?

Perhaps surprisingly, the first brand to bring an Android TV to market is… [Read more on Forbes]

What Aereo And Google Told Us About The TV Business Today (International Business Times)

Televisions on display at the 1969 International CES CEA/International CES

Two things happened Wednesday that show how far the TV business will go to preserve the status quo.

Broadcasters, including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, prevailed over Aereo, a startup that sold access to free channels over the Web. Google unveiled Android TV, yet another set-top box that puts all kinds of content on your TV except, well, TV…. [Read more on International Business Times]