PlayStation TV and the Battle Every Video Game Investor Needs to Be Watching Now (The Motley Fool)

Due this fall, the PlayStation TV is to be sold stand-alone or in a bundle. Credit: Sony.

Set-top box makers are adding more games to their systems. At E3, Sony responded by unveiling PlayStation TV for gamers who want access to high-quality games as well as streaming services and Sony’s library of original TV and movies. Should and Apple  investors be nervous?… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Amazon Fire TV Channels Launching This Year (HD Report)

Everybody wants to know what channels Amazon’s Fire TV has to offer compared to other streaming media players such as Apple TV, Chromecast, and most specifically Roku. While Roku players still have many more channels, Amazon is not wasting any time getting the most popular channels added to the Fire TV lineup. And, even though the channel most in demand may be HBO Go (likely driven… [Read more on HD Report]

Amazon’s Fire TV is the best video-streaming box on the market — but consumers deserve better (The Week)

Amazon Fire TV is the best — for now. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Amazon does a lot of things right, but we still haven’t seen genuine innovations in the field

Apple’s hockey puck–like video-streaming box remains extremely popular, but the experience of using the device has grown increasingly cumbersome. In comparison, Amazon’s new Fire TV makes Apple TV and all their mutual competitors feel wildly dated.

Fire TV is slim and sleek, packing enough speed and processing power to shame the competition. It is nearly effortless to navigate menus, select items, and browse content — it just feels faster and more intuitive than other devices, and that’s not even getting into the technical details.

Amazon has made most video services available, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Watch ESPN, as well as games, apps, and voice search. It’s fantastic.

What it doesn’t do, however, is… [Read more on The Week]

5 Reasons Amazon’s Fire TV Will Disrupt The Video Game Market (Business Insider)

Lisa Eadicicco

Amazon’s new device is teeming with features and services that stream the latest movies and TV shows into the living room. Yet the Fire TV, (out in the US now, and expected autumn/Christmas in the UK), is more than just another set-top box, as beneath its tiny casing lurks a powerful games console. It may not fit the bill for the hardcore gaming fanatic but not since the Wii has there been an affordable console that’s suitable for the whole family.

Here are five reasons why it might just be one of the most promising new games devices coming out this year… [Read more on Business Insider]

Amazon Confused About FireTV and Games (Spong)

Amazon is serious about video games. Don’t be fooled by statements such this one from Amazon Kindle vice president Peter Larsen’s that the Amazon FireTV is,”absolutely not a game console”. Because the truth is, it is.

In fact, it always has been. This is according to another vice president, this time it’s Mike Frazzini, vice president of Amazon Games speaking in a recent interview.

Frazzini told Pocketgamer, “With Fire TV, we thought about games right from the very beginning. We wanted to build a streaming media device that offered customers a wide variety of games that are fun and immersive at affordable prices.”

What can he mean, surely many people are happy with their consoles? “But many more millions don’t have game consoles because they… [Read more on Spong]

Amazon teases ambitious new game for Fire TV (Develop)

Retail giant harnessing its cloud tech to run thousands of characters on screen at once

Amazon will use its cloud technology to handle thousands of characters on screen at once for an ambitious new game on its Fire TV, the retail giant’s VP of games has told Develop.

Discussing the recently revealed microconsole in a new interview with Develop, to be published later today, Mike Frazzini teased a new title by… [Read more on Develop], Inc. Fires Into the Streaming Market (The Motley Fool)

digital entertainment marketing amazon fire tv

After an amazing first quarter where net sales increased to $19.74 billion, up 23% from $16.07 billion in first quarter 2013, (NASDAQ: AMZN  ) and its new video streaming technology, Fire TV, are heating things up in the streaming arena.  The company’s entrance into the living room is a definite milestone to its profitability and long-term growth potential.

Out-streaming the competition
Earlier last month, Amazon premiered its TV streaming hardware, Fire TV, which is… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

From Apple TV to Fire TV, big changes are coming to how you watch TV (Metro)

digital_entertainment_marketing_apple tv

Apple is set to launch a new generation of its Apple TV, which grossed over $1 billion in 2013. The next-generation miniature set-top-box, which could be unveiled as early as this June, looks set to feature Siri-like voice commands and games console features and is set to become a serious Apple product in its own right.

The hockey-puck-sized device that plugs into the back of a television set and connects to the internet, launches dedicated apps and enables the streaming of content from other Apple products, be they Macs, iPhones or iPads, has until now been described as… [Read more on Metro]

The Supreme Court Case That Will Decide the Future of Television (Politix)

In this Wednesday, March 26, 2014 photo, Chet Kanojia, the founder and CEO of Aereo, speaks during an interview with The Associated Press, in New York. • AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Aereo – Billion-Dollar Company or Billion-Dollar Liability? Op-ed by Derek Khanna

In the past decade, home-media consumption of television content has changed significantly. Millions of people, particularly among younger generations, are becoming cord-cutters and converting to Netflix or Hulu. Smart TV’s and add-ons like Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV are changing the way we consume content, changing how we pay for content, and changing the content we are able to consume – as the quality of programming has continued to get much higher.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear a case involving… [Read more on Politix]

Tubi TV Free Internet Video Service Launches with 20,000 Shows and Movies (Variety)

digital entertainment marketing tubi tv

AdRise, a content distribution and advertising startup, is launching Tubi TV, a free, ad-supported video-on-demand service stocked with 20,000 licensed TV shows and movies.

The company is positioning Tubi TV as a free service that complements subscription VOD services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video, and with a bigger selection than other ad-supported services like Sony Pictures Television’s Crackle. But… [Read more on Variety]

Now, you can control your Smart TV using a keyboard (Deccan Chronicle)

Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard

Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard

Are you planning to buy a Smart TV? Do you expect the Smart TV to offer you with more than just touch screen or additional apps? If yes, a new Smart TV keyboard known as ‘Harmony Smart Keyboard’ has been developed by Logitech. This keyboard can support the Amazon Fire TV, Netflix and Hulu.

Its media keys include… [Read more on Deccan Chronicle]

Amazon’s Fire TV Lets You Search for Videos by Voice (re/code)

digital entertainment marketing - amazon fire tv voice

If you’re like me, your main TV not only has a cable or satellite box attached to it, but at least one smaller appendage, like an Apple TV or Roku box, so you can watch all the Internet-streamed shows and content, like Netflix, that the cable box omits. Now there’s yet another, similar small box, at a similar price, with similar content. [Read more on Re/code]

How the New ‘TV’ Will Affect Cable Companies and Consumers (Townhall Finance)

Watching what you used to consider television is about to get a whole lot more interesting. By now, most us have abandoned true broadcast television and left our “rabbit ears” behind for cable service of one kind or another. Whether from Comcast (CMCSA), Cox Cable, Charter Communications, Verizon (VZ), AT&T (T) or some other service, these companies have been… [Read more on Townhall Finance]

Amazon Fire TV: not just for video (Rapid TV News)

Amazon’s entry into the growing media streaming device market ignited the headlines when the e-tailer took the wraps off of Amazon Fire TV recently. Given the growth of the category, it’s a smart move on the part of Amazon to drive its Prime Instant video streaming service further ahead, according to the NPD Group — and it will succeed because it goes beyond that.

Unit sales of network content devices have grown 78% in the last 12 months, according to NPD’s Retail Tracking Service. Meanwhile, … [Read more on Rapid TV News]

Review: Fire TV device potentially great, but not fully ready (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Review » At this point, it primarily serves as a showcase for Amazon’s video offerings.

New York • Amazon’s new Fire TV streaming device shows a lot of potential in bringing together the best features from competing devices and adding voice search on top of that.

But for now, it’s largely promise: Many of the best features work with only… [Read more on The Salt Lake Tribune]

Amazon Fire TV Is a Great Living-Room Companion (Mashable)


Amazon launched into the video-hardware business with a set-top device called Amazon Fire TV for $99, a small flat box with a remote control.

Is Amazon’s Fire TV the ultimate living-room device? It’s not perfect, but it certainly has potential.

Amazon unveiled its Fire TV set-top box on Wednesday to a market already crowded with players, both big and small. The company’s goal with Fire TV is not to merely compete with the likes of Roku and Apple, but also to bring its full ecosystem of content, including games, to the living room.

In a lot of ways,Fire TV is everything… [Read more on Mashable]

Amazon’s FireTV Is Better Than Apple and Google’s Alternatives — For Now (Daily Finance)

Unless you’re an HBO Go addict, Amazon‘s FireTV is just about the best set-top box you can buy. It’s faster than the Apple TV, packing features Apple’s set-top box lacks, including voice search and the ability to play video games. It’s more expensive than Google‘s Chromecast, but offers access to more content and isn’t chained to a mobile device.

But while Amazon is in the lead today, its advantage may only be temporary: … [Read more on Daily Finance]