On TV, Amazon and Microsoft are Headed in Drastically Different Directions (The Motley Fool)

Peter Larsen

In October 2012, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that he was stepping down from Microsoft‘s board of directors. At the time, there was widespread speculation that Microsoft would acquire Netflix — and that Hastings, as an obvious insider, would need to excuse… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Amazon Launches First Fire Phone TV Spot, Spends 30 Seconds Promoting Prime (Daily Tech)

digital entertainment post marketing amazon fire phone

Amazon Prime takes center stage in the first Fire Phone commercial

Amazon is just days away from launching its Fire Phone, and in preparation, the internet… [Lire la suite sur Daily Tech]

PlayStation TV and the Battle Every Video Game Investor Needs to Be Watching Now (The Motley Fool)

Due this fall, the PlayStation TV is to be sold stand-alone or in a bundle. Credit: Sony.

Set-top box makers are adding more games to their systems. At E3, Sony responded by unveiling PlayStation TV for gamers who want access to high-quality games as well as streaming services and Sony’s library of original TV and movies. Should Amazon.com and Apple  investors be nervous?… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

New Digital TV Channel Integrates Brand Advertising within Entertainment Content (Digital Journal)

digital entertainment post marketing afterhours HD

After Hours HD (http://www.afterhourshd.com), a new digital broadcast channel debuting in the Fall of 2014 on Roku Tv, Opera Tv and Amazon Fire Tv, integrates brand advertising as a core component to all of the entertainment content including… [Read more on Digital Journal]

Video Game Consoles Are Still The Most Popular Streaming Devices For TVs (Business Insider)

When people talk about the streaming video to TV market, the most common devices discussed are smart TVs and dedicated devices like Roku and Apple TV. But what gets overlooked are video game consoles. These actually comprise the vast… [Read more on Business Insider]

Amazon Fire TV Channels Launching This Year (HD Report)

Everybody wants to know what channels Amazon’s Fire TV has to offer compared to other streaming media players such as Apple TV, Chromecast, and most specifically Roku. While Roku players still have many more channels, Amazon is not wasting any time getting the most popular channels added to the Fire TV lineup. And, even though the channel most in demand may be HBO Go (likely driven… [Read more on HD Report]