Harmon: ‘Community’ online won’t be too different (The Fresno Bee)

Joel McHalem from left, Gillian Jacobs and Jim Rash attend the “Community” panel on Day 1 of Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 24, 2014, in San Diego. INVISION — Photo by Tonya Wise

— Just because “Community” is going online to Yahoo doesn’t mean it’s in for a lot of changes.

In fact, creator Dan Harmon says he has… [Read more on The Fresno Bee]

Yahoo! Is Becoming a Good Investment Slowly But Surely (GuruFocus)

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Yahoo! inked a billion dollar deal to buy Tumblr last year, which hosts photo-centric blogs. Tumblr is already starting to incorporate advertising into its service. That’s the “holy grail” onto which Yahoo! is looking to latch.

Falling from Grace

Yahoo! was a one-time market darling, helping lead the tech charge that culminated in the 2000 market peak. Since the tech bubble burst, however, Yahoo! hasn’t been viewed the same way by the market. Google is largely to blame.

Google’s dominant Internet search platform and massive advertising reach pushed Yahoo! into the shadows. While ads next to Google search results are an important aspect, the company’s… [Read more on GuruFocus]

The Best Online-Original TV Shows 2014 (Tom’s Guide)

“Burning Love” on Yahoo Screen

With some online shows now at the level of quality and intricacy as Netflix’s “House of Cards,” the genre of Web video has forever changed. More shows are coming not only from obvious competitors Amazon and Hulu, but also from upstart Crackle and unlikely tech giants AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo. With so many players rolling out their own original content, it becomes overwhelming for the casual viewer to keep track of everything and separate the good stuff from the video that isn’t worth your time. We’re here to help with the best picks from the current crop of online originals. From… [Read more on Tom's Guide]

Newfronts Analysis: Why Microsoft, Yahoo, Etc. Invaded TV’s Turf (Variety)

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Netflix wasn’t at the Digital Content NewFronts this past week but the streaming service might as well have been there.

Unmistakable was its influence on the heavyweight digital brands frontloaded into the opening week of these seemingly endless presentations to Madison Avenue.

Microsoft and Yahoo unveiled their forays into scripted long-form series; AOL went long-form, too, for the first time, but stayed unscripted. And Crackle and Hulu doubled down on scripted long-form as well.

Chalk that trend up to the natural evolution of the business, if you will. Or maybe… [Read more on Variety]

Netflix, Yahoo!, Amazon, Microsoft : les nouveaux rois des séries (Vanity Fair)

Source : Vanity Fair

Source : Vanity Fair

La guerre fait rage entre la télé traditionnelle américaine et ses nouveaux concurrents venus du web. Revue des forces en présence.

Il y a peu, les chaînes de télé traditionnelles bataillaient ardemment pour diffuser la meilleure série à leurs téléspectateurs. Elles doivent désormais compter avec de nouveaux concurrents aux dents longues et à la créativité débordante : les plateformes de… [Lire la suite sur Vanity Fair]