‘Transparent’ Team Talks Binge Viewing, Defends Digital Platform Pay (The Hollywood Reporter)


The Jill Soloway series’ entire first season will debut all at once on Amazon Prime in late September.

Amazon Studios’ Transparent is breaking the rules.From creator Jill Soloway (Six Feet Under, United States of Tara, How to Make it in America), Transparent — which has already received… [Read more on The Hollywood Reporter]

A closer look at the billions of dollars Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are spending on original content (FierceOnlineVideo)

Image: Ivey Business Review

Image: Ivey Business Review

How much are online video providers spending on original content this year? While Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) has always been pretty open about the amount of money it’s dedicating to its original series, others like Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Hulu are not so forthcoming.

Sussing out how much money OTT providers are dedicating just to original series is a task that industry analysts spend a fair amount of time on. But in most cases… [Read more on FierceOnlineVideo]

Amazon and Netflix Are Going After Your Kids (The Street)

Amazon (AMZN_) and Netflix (NFLX_) are both looking to up the ante when it comes to original content programming that grabs the so-called binge watching momentum. So, what better age group to satisfy than kids?

Amazon said Thursday that the first of three of its original children’s programming series will premiere later this month, available for streaming through Prime Instant Video and via Amazon’s Kindle FreeTime app. Amazon is launching the first six episodes of the animated series, Tumble Leaf, on May 23; Creative Galaxy, an interactive art adventure… [Read more on The Street]

Amazon set to launch its first three original TV shows for children (The Guardian)

Tumble Leaf is one of Amazon’s first original shows for children.

Tumble Leaf, Creative Galaxy and Annedroids to debut on Prime service this summer, going head-to-head with Netflix originals

Amazon is preparing to launch its first three original TV series for children, developed by its Amazon Studios division and offered as part of its Prime subscription service.

Animated shows Tumble Leaf and Creative Galaxy will debut on the service on 23 May and 27 June respectively, aimed at preschool-age children. Live-action series Annedroids, aimed at 4-7 year-olds, will appear from 25 July.

The shows – like 2013′s adult series Alpha House and Betas – will be… [Read more on The Guardian]

Filmmakers Moving Where the Money Is: Digital TV Series (Variety)

For independent filmmakers, digital TV series may be the next green.

Like many directors, Paul Schrader acknowledges the difficulty of finding money for his projects. He had to fund last year’s “The Canyons,” starring Lindsay Lohan, on Kickstarter, a process he’s not sure he’d try again. “It’s the kind of thing that’s fun to do once,” he says. “Independent film is not lucrative anymore. People are discovering you can lose money on a $500,000 movie.”

As Netflix and Amazon bulk up on original entertainment, they’re largely focused on buying TV series, which perform better on their services than movies do. The result is that indie moviemakers are… [Read more on Variety]

The Best Online-Original TV Shows 2014 (Tom’s Guide)

“Burning Love” on Yahoo Screen

With some online shows now at the level of quality and intricacy as Netflix’s “House of Cards,” the genre of Web video has forever changed. More shows are coming not only from obvious competitors Amazon and Hulu, but also from upstart Crackle and unlikely tech giants AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo. With so many players rolling out their own original content, it becomes overwhelming for the casual viewer to keep track of everything and separate the good stuff from the video that isn’t worth your time. We’re here to help with the best picks from the current crop of online originals. From… [Read more on Tom's Guide]

Streaming Video Showdown: Is Amazon Or Netflix The Better Bet For Stockpickers? (Forbes)

It’s almost poetic that Tony Soprano is in Jeff Bezos’ corner. Not because the two men share similar senses of ruthlessness and business savvy (though they do). Nor because the mobster and the mogul both have Machiavellian natures that render neither a desirable enemy (though they do). No, Tony Soprano’s new alliance with Jeff Bezos is fitting because Soprano is the definitive anti-hero of TV’s golden era, a character so influential that it spawned Mad Mens Don Draper, Breaking Bads Walter White and House of Cardsmaster manipulator Frank Underwood. And House of Cards, of course, is the scripted series that has helped launch Netflix to new levels of popularity and turn it into a viable competitor to cable networks and online ventures alike.

But if Tony Soprano can giveth, Tony Soprano can taketh away – and he very well might: his exclusive presence on Amazon Prime Instant Video marks a turn in… [Read more on Forbes]

Newfronts Analysis: Why Microsoft, Yahoo, Etc. Invaded TV’s Turf (Variety)

digital entertainment marketing newfront

Netflix wasn’t at the Digital Content NewFronts this past week but the streaming service might as well have been there.

Unmistakable was its influence on the heavyweight digital brands frontloaded into the opening week of these seemingly endless presentations to Madison Avenue.

Microsoft and Yahoo unveiled their forays into scripted long-form series; AOL went long-form, too, for the first time, but stayed unscripted. And Crackle and Hulu doubled down on scripted long-form as well.

Chalk that trend up to the natural evolution of the business, if you will. Or maybe… [Read more on Variety]

Netflix, Yahoo!, Amazon, Microsoft : les nouveaux rois des séries (Vanity Fair)

Source : Vanity Fair

Source : Vanity Fair

La guerre fait rage entre la télé traditionnelle américaine et ses nouveaux concurrents venus du web. Revue des forces en présence.

Il y a peu, les chaînes de télé traditionnelles bataillaient ardemment pour diffuser la meilleure série à leurs téléspectateurs. Elles doivent désormais compter avec de nouveaux concurrents aux dents longues et à la créativité débordante : les plateformes de… [Lire la suite sur Vanity Fair]

Amazon Studios Greenlights Two New Pilots: “The Cosmopolitans” and “Hand of God” (Hollywonk)

– Source : Hollywonk

Amazon Studios today announced it has greenlit two new pilots—the half hour dramatic comedy The Cosmopolitans, from Whit Stillman, and one hour drama Hand of God from Executive Producers Marc Forster, Ben Watkins, Ron Perlman, Brian Wilkins and Jeff King—for its third pilot season debuting later this year on Amazon Instant Video. Customers will once again be invited to watch and provide feedback on the shows they want to see turned into full series, which will then become available on Prime Instant Video. Additional pilots joining The Cosmopolitans and Hand of God in the third pilot season will be announced in the coming weeks. More on the pilots: [Read more on Hollywonk]