Livre-jeu : Un manoir de l’enfer pour jouer au héros (Actualitté)

Les livres dont vous êtes le héros continuent leur retour numérique

Au début des années 1980, emboitant le pas des éditeurs anglo-saxons, la maison d’édition Gallimard décide de traduire les premiers tomes de ce qui va devenir un phénomène de société : les livres-jeux. 30 ans plus tard nait la version numérique : ni un jeu vidéo, ni une application mais bien…

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PlayStation TV and the Battle Every Video Game Investor Needs to Be Watching Now (The Motley Fool)

Due this fall, the PlayStation TV is to be sold stand-alone or in a bundle. Credit: Sony.

Set-top box makers are adding more games to their systems. At E3, Sony responded by unveiling PlayStation TV for gamers who want access to high-quality games as well as streaming services and Sony’s library of original TV and movies. Should and Apple  investors be nervous?… [Read more on The Motley Fool]

Stuck In The Machine Zone: Your Sweet Tooth For ‘Candy Crush’ (North Country Public Radio)

If you have a smartphone — or if you’ve ever used the Internet — you’ve probably heard of Candy Crush Saga. It’s a mobile game in which you line up pieces of colorful candy in rows to score points. The game is simple, but addictive.

Very addictive.

According to the game’s maker, King Digital Entertainment, Candy Crush has more… [Read more on North Country Public Radio]

Jeu vidéo: Netflix crée un dérivé de Flappy Bird spécial “Orange is the new black” (Les Inrocks)

(Capture d’écran du jeu vidéo lancé par Netflix, Feisty Chicken)

Tout est bon pour faire patienter les fans. La veille de la diffusion de la deuxième saison de sa série Orange is the new black, Netflix a mis en ligne un jeu vidéo inspiré de la célèbre application Flappy Bird. Intitulé “Feisty Chicken” (le poulet bagarreur), il reprend le… [Lire la suite sur Les Inrocks]

Nintendo Deal Lets Gamers Upload Directly to YouTube (Time)

A pedestrian walks past an advertisement for Wii U, Nintendo’s gaming console, outside a store in the Japanese city of Osaka on May 2, 2014 Tomohiro Ohsumi—Bloomberg/Getty Images

In its latest attempt to resuscitate revenue, Nintendo hopes to cash in on content creators’ ad payments

A new initiative by Nintendo allows players on Wii U, the company’s latest gaming console, to upload their… [Read more on Time]

L’essor de l’e-sport en France vu par la réussite d’une bande d’amis (L’Express)

Les frères Pomf (Alexandre Noci) et Thud (Hadrien Noci), commentateurs de match de jeux vidéos, encore amateurs il y a trois ans. Alt Tab Productions

Pomf, Thud, Chips, Noi… Les commentateurs de jeux vidéo les plus connus de France ont commencé dans une chambre. Aujourd’hui, la société qu’ils ont créée génère presque 1 million d’euros de chiffre d’affaires par an. Révélateur.

“O’Gaming, c’est la blague qui est allée trop loin”. Celle de… [Lire la suite sur L'Express]

GameStop revenue rises as demand for new consoles, mobile grows (Chicago Tribune)

The GameStop store sign is seen at its shop in Westminster (Rick Wilking Reuters, / January 14, 2014)

(Reuters) – Video game retailer GameStop Corp reported a 7 percent rise in quarterly revenue, driven by growth in its mobile business and demand for new games consoles made by Sony Corp and Microsoft Corp.

GameStop’s shares rose as much as… [Read more on Chicago Tribune]

Tangible Play’s Osmo opens up new ways for kids to play with an iPad (VentureBeat)

Above: Osmo Words Image Credit: Tangible Play

When kids play with iPads, parents aren’t happy because they see the youngsters disengaging from the rest of the world. As a parent, Pramod Sharma shared that view, and he did something about it.

Today, Sharma’s startup, Tangible Play, is unveiling a new… [Read more on VentureBeat]

You can now stream Steam from your PC to other, crappier computers in your home (VentureBeat)

Above: You can now stream Steam games from your home. Image Credit: Valve

It’s great to have a powerful PC gaming rig, but what if you want that same, high-fidelity experience on your crappy laptop? Well, with Steam In-Home Streaming, you now can.

Basically, Steam In-Home Streaming enables you to play games on one device while another handles all the computing. Right now, you can use a Windows PC as a home computer to stream to any Mac OS X, Linux, SteamOS, or other Windows device on the same network. Valve claims… [Read more on VentureBeat]

Online support for Mario Kart DS and hundreds of Wii and DS games ends tomorrow (VentureBeat)

Above: Mario Kart Wii’s online support will end tomorrow Image Credit: Nintendo

You probably don’t care that The Cheetah Girls: Passport to Stardom for the Nintendo DS is going to lose its online functionality tomorrow — but so is Mario Kart DS, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and hundreds more.

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service that ran online play and interactivity on the Wii and DS systems is coming to an end tomorrow. That means no multiplayer… [Read more on VentureBeat]

‘Halo’ creators fire up a game sequel, TV series (Portland Press Herald)

This file photo provided by Microsoft shows a scene from the “Halo” video game for the Xbox One. Microsoft announced plans Friday to release the video game sequel “Halo 5: Guardians” for the Xbox One and a “Halo” television series to be produced by Steven Spielberg in fall 2015. Associated Press file photo

Microsoft announces big plans for the franchise as Master Chief makes the transition to the Xbox One platform.

Master Chief is returning to the battlefield next year.

Microsoft announced plans Friday to release the video game sequel “Halo 5: Guardians” for the Xbox One and a “Halo” television series to be produced by Steven Spielberg in fall 2015. The next entry in the sci-fi shooter series starring super-soldier Master Chief will… [Read more on Portland Press Herald]

A mobile first: EA and Apple offer digital codes for free gold in iOS racing game (VentureBeat)

Above: Real Racing 3 in action for iPhone 5. Image Credit: Electronic Arts

Apple is apparently providing developers a new tool to help maintain its walled garden.

Publisher Electronic Arts is giving away free in-game currency for its mobile driving sim Real Racing 3 on iOS (as first spotted by news website 148 Apps). Fans need to simply visit EA’s promotions page and click a button. EA will email out a code that players can redeem for $2 of in-game gold.

This is one of the first examples of an App Store code that gets customers… [Read more on VentureBeat]

GameTree TV Embeds Its Content and Media Delivery Service on More Smart TVs (Media Caster)

digital entertainment marketing - gametree tv

Social media and on-demand kid’s content producer TransGaming will soon be available on even more connected devices and smart TVs.

The Toronto-based company reports its GameTree TV service will be included on Panasonic’s VIERA TVs with Internet Apps capability.

Through its partnerships with many major TV manufacturers, TransGaming’s GameTree TV service provides entertainment content, gaming activities and… [Read more on Media Caster]

Twitch: profil d’un leader en live streaming (Bilan)

L’interface de Twitch.

Découvrez l’entreprise qui totalise 45 millions de spectateurs virtuels par mois, la référence en matière de streaming de jeux vidéo en direct.

Grâce à Twitch, il existe un moyen simple pour les passionnés de jeux vidéo de partager leurs parties avec la communauté des aficionados, et surtout, de se regarder jouer les uns les autres.

Une arène virtuelle

Twitch est un service de streaming et de VOD pour les jeux vidéo. Chaque mois, plus d’un million de joueurs publient des vidéos de leurs… [Lire la suite sur Bilan]

Why Microsoft changed the 360 subscription model for Xbox One’s free-games program (VentureBeat)

Above: The game store on Xbox One. Image Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is changing the way subscribers of its premium service will get free games, and this might turn out positive for you, publishers, and Microsoft.

Games with Gold is coming to Xbox One in June. Customers that subscribe to the Xbox Live Gold service will have the opportunity to get physics puzzler Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and third-person shooter Halo: Spartan Assault at no additional charge during that month. Unlike for the Xbox 360, however, gamers will lose access to those releases if they cease their subscription to Xbox Live. This is how PlayStation Plus works for PS3 and PS4 — and Microsoft wants to start offering comparable games on Xbox One.

We asked Xbox marketing chief Yusuf Medhi if Microsoft was changing to Sony’s way of doing things so that it could… [Read more on VentureBeat] 

Microsoft may nix Xbox Live Gold requirement for Netflix, Hulu (C|Net)

Xbox owners may soon be able to stream Netflix and Hulu Plus without a $60-per-year Gold membership, reports Arstechnica.

Microsoft might soon join the myriad competitors that don’t require customers to overcome a paywall in order to watch Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Microsoft will soon announce that an Xbox Live Gold membership will no longer be required for Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners to access Netflix and Hulu Plus, Arstechnica is reporting, citing people who claim to have knowledge of the company’s plans. To make up for the change, Microsoft might decide to… [Read more on C|Net]