Nielsen will finally start tracking Netflix and Amazon video (Engadget)

Nielsen, the holy vanguard of television ratings, has finally figured out how to track viewership from Netflix and Amazon‘s streaming video services. And when it launches next month, it could fundamentally change the sorts of shows you see from them. Since neither… [Read more on Engadget]

Netflix Still Dominates Streaming, but Amazon Is Picking Up Steam (Re/Code)

Netflix is still king of the video streamers, followed by YouTube. But Amazon, which has lagged far behind for many years, is beginning to make a move.

That’s the takeaway from… [Read more on Re/Code]

17 streaming video firms form an alliance… without Netflix or YouTube (The Next Web)

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A new industry group, the Streaming Video Alliance (SVA), has formed to work on industry-wide standards and best practices in internet video. There’s 17 members of the group but the problem is, YouTube and Netflix aren’t among them.

The founding members of the SVA do include some big names such as… [Read more on The Next Web]

Looking At Netflix’s Next Potential Market (Forbes)

digital entertainment post netflix australiaNetflix could potentially launch in Australia next year. While the move will strengthen the company’s international position, it will also weigh on its margins. There is something unique about Australia that makes it… [Read more on Forbes]

Netflix disrupts, but still dependent on content owners’ traditional business models (FierceOnlineVideo)

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OTT execs separate fact from fancy in OTT world

NEW YORK–Netflix may be an online disruptor, but it’s still dependent on upstream content producers using traditional models. There’s no money in transactional VOD. HBO never said it was going direct to consumers with its… [Read more on FierceOnlineVideo]

Le doublage des films et des séries menacé par Netflix? (Slate)

Sylvester Stallone, ici au 66e Festival du Cinéma de Venise en 2009, est doublé en français par le comédien Alain Dorval. Photo Flickr CC par Nicolas Genin

Les studios de doublage de séries TV et de films en France ont peur: la VOSTFR gagne du chemin et avec Internet tout s’accélère, y compris leur rythme de travail.

C’est la Jennifer Lawrence française. Mais Kelly Marot n’a pas le succès ni les soucis de la vedette hollywoodienne, et pour cause: personne ne la connaît. Elle est la voix française de… [Lire la suite sur Slate]