Nielsen will finally start tracking Netflix and Amazon video (Engadget)

Nielsen, the holy vanguard of television ratings, has finally figured out how to track viewership from Netflix and Amazon‘s streaming video services. And when it launches next month, it could fundamentally change the sorts of shows you see from them. Since neither… [Read more on Engadget]

Netflix Still Dominates Streaming, but Amazon Is Picking Up Steam (Re/Code)

Netflix is still king of the video streamers, followed by YouTube. But Amazon, which has lagged far behind for many years, is beginning to make a move.

That’s the takeaway from… [Read more on Re/Code]

L’étude qui veut redynamiser le marché de la vidéo (ZDNet)

Le cabinet international de conseil en management Kurt Salmon s’est penché sur le marché de la vidéo français. Et propose des solutions pour le redynamiser.

Dans cette étude de 4 pages, Kurt Salmon porte un constat sévère sur l’état du marché français de la vidéo qui se résume en 3 points :

HBO, CBS, and Showtime Are Helping You Cut the Cord: Here’s Why They Hope You Don’t (Nasdaq)

Source: Hulu Plus

Source: Hulu Plus

Following in the footsteps of Hulu Plus, Time Warner ‘s HBO, CBS ‘  All Access, and Showtime are now offering, or planning to offer, over-the-top streaming subscription services. It appears the biggest trend in pay TV is a gradual movement toward unbundling. The ability for viewers to subscribe only to channels they wish to purchase, instead of… [Read more on Nasdaq]

Samsung Volt : le service de streaming vidéo concurrent de Netflix (Phonandroid)

Samsung Volt serait un service de vidéos en ligne qui concurrencerait notamment Netflix, selon des sources tenant leurs informations directement du Coréen.

Volt est un nom temporaire, celui qui est… [Lire la suite sur Phonandroid]

This New Tool Will Tell You Where You Can Watch Almost Anything Online — Legally (ThinkProgress)



It’s official, TV is moving online. Fewer customers are buying cable packages and more are opting for lower-cost options that let them watch movies and television shows wherever they want — at an airport or in a coffee shop.

But there are more than 100 online services, from Netflix to Hulu, that allow customers to… [Read more on ThinkProgress]

Showtime Has a Lot to Gain by Going a la Carte (Nasdaq)

Showtime may soon be available without a cable subscription. Source:

Showtime may soon be available without a cable subscription. Source:

Following in the footsteps of Time Warner and HBO, CBS plans to offer Showtime without a cable subscription. Speaking on the company’s third-quarter earnings call last week, CBS CEO Les Moonves told analysts, “We could say fairly definitely, sometime in ’15, there will be some [over-the-top] service from Showtime.”

While that is far from an official announcement, offering Showtime à la carte ought to… [Read more on Nasdaq]