Netflix has a plan to take over the world (Fortune)

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. Hector Vivas/Latin Content/—Getty Images

But it’ll likely lose money abroad long before it ever makes it there.

Like the conniving Frank Underwood, Netflix’s ambitions only continue to grow.

The streaming service is rolling out in six new European countries this week, including France and Germany, two of the region’s largest markets. The expansion, Netflix’s biggest ever, will expose the company to… [Read more on Fortune]

Amazon games chief explains strategy for making new titles, attracting talent (GeekWire)

digital entertainment post marketing Amazon Game Studios

SAN FRANCISCO – Amazon Game Studios has picked up a lot of high-profile talent in the form of developers who have worked on some of the game industry’s top franchises, including “Portal,” “Left 4 Dead” and “Bioshock.” But how does a studio without a major hit under its belt manage to attract top… [Read more on GeekWire]

Loeb Classical Library Goes Digital (The New York Times)

Harvard University Press/Michael Rossi

The Loeb Classical Library, the series of trim red (Latin) and green (Greek) volumes beloved of generations of students and design geeks, has slipped its distinctive color-coded covers and headed into the ether.

The Digital Loeb Classical Library, available today on a fee basis, makes… [Read more on The New York Times]