Start-up aims to be ‘Spotify of indie cinema’ (IPTV News)

Screenshot from FilmDoo

Screenshot from FilmDoo

A new London based start-up is bidding to bring popular independent movies to the small screen with a new platform to discover and watch films which are often never seen outside their country of origin.

FilmDoo’s platform at is devoted to helping people discover, share and watch independent and international films. Users can stream movies online, get suggestions and… [Read more on IPTV News]

How Doctor Who Is Regenerating Television Through Social Media And Smart Broadcasting (Forbes)

Doctor Who, Deep Breath (image, BBC)

Anyone keeping even half an eye on media trends in the last few years will be aware of the terms ‘event television’ and ‘second screening’. Television has always been social, but the twenty-first century has seen social groups remaining connected around the world through… [Read more on Forbes]

Why Amazon flipped the switch on Twitch (VentureBeat)

Above: To-Fu Fury has an Amazon-specific gameplay dynamic that could be demonstrated on Twitch.

When it launched, was media (a Website) being used to sell media (books) in a way that other media, like catalogs and home shopping channels, could not match. Since then, Amazon has gone on to sell just about anything that can be shipped and has… [Read more on VentureBeat]