Video on demand is ramping up marketing (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Chris Evans, right, leads a band of have-nots in the dystopian thriller, “Snowpiercer” available on video on demand.

Video on demand, once the poor stepchild of film distribution, is beginning to gain respect.

Besides giving smaller budget movies the chance to reach a wider audience, VOD is surfing atop the wave of younger viewers who prefer to watch on a smaller screen.

“Getting people into a theater is hard and expensive. Getting people to hit a button on their remote is a lot easier,” said Pittsburgh native Mark Cuban, whose media… [Read more on Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

The entertainment revolution: when disruptors become disrupted (PwC)

What will the entertainment and media industry look like in the future? How will our viewing become even more personalised? What are the digital opportunities?

It’s hard to think of a sector more directly or drastically affected by digital technology than media. The industry operates at the… [Read more on The World Is In Beta by PricewaterhouseCoopers]

Now CBS Is Selling Web Subscriptions to Its Shows, Too (Re/Code)


Yesterday, HBO announced plans to sell Web video subscriptions. Today, CBS.


Yup, CBS. The broadcaster is also getting into the digital video subscription business, with an offering that will let users watch almost any show it airs, live or on demand, on a variety of devices.

And like the HBO plan, this one doesn’t… [Read more on Re/Code]

Why is HBO Going OTT and What Does it Mean? (Mashable)

Image: Getty/Bloomberg

Cord cutters received some of the most welcome news they’d heard since House of Cards premiered on Netflix: HBO will in 2015 unveil a streaming (also known as Over The Top or OTT) option that can be purchased without a cable subscription. In essence, no cable… [Read more on Mashable]

A cable-free HBO could be Netflix’s worst nightmare (The Verge)

HBO will have more funds to bid against Netflix, and Time Warner signals it won’t join the fight against ISPs

HBO made big news this morning when it announced that it will begin offering an HBO Go subscription that doesn’t require the customer to also have cable. Netflix stock dropped 3 percent after HBO’s announcement, and that makes… [Read more on The Verge]

Netflix CEO: ‘We get addicted … to beating our own numbers’ (CNBC)


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings shrugged off the company’s 700,000 subscriber shortfall for the most recent quarter.

“We get addicted sometimes to beating our own numbers. So, for the last three quarters we underestimated our growth and… [Read more on CNBC]