About this blog:

The Digital Entertainment Post is an anthology of the best web articles ever written about the digital entertainment economy: future television (second screens, VoD, smart TV, video streaming), on-demand music, digital publishing or online gaming. You might want to follow this blog if you want to stay up-to-date because there is A LOT going on right now. This blog gathers all you need to know about the latest innovations in digital entertainment and leads you to the original publishers of each article: it is about rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.


About the author:

jessiewamalMy name is Jessie Wamal, and when I am not watching TV series, writing fictions or trying to figure out how to save the planet, I am an international marketing specialist with a high interest in media management, digital economy and the entertainment industry. I am also a passionate public speaker (in English, French and German), an award-winning creative writer, and the author other blogs such as The Series Philosopher  (about TV series AND philosophy) and esukudu.com (a blog in French about the latest education trends).

Distinguishing feature: I do not watch TV. I do not even own a TV set. Still I am a real series junkie finding my entertainment online, on a computer, deciding what I will watch and when and where I will watch it, thanks to new digital entertainment platforms that better and better understand the needs of the modern consumer.

Are you looking for French content, editorial or marketing support for your creative project (cultural industries, media and entertainment)? If so, I am your woman. Check out my company Profession:Scribe.

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